Tell us what you need on your journey

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iStock_000007671767SmallIt’s important for us to hear from you about how all of us as a community can support you on your journey. What do you need? What can we add to this website? Please post your comments, ideas and suggestions below or via the Leave A Comment button.


3 Responses to “Tell us what you need on your journey”
  1. Tammy Tate says:

    I think your website is fabulous! The content is outstanding and I love the design. The whole thing is cool. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ned Tate says:

    Congrats on your website. We think it looks great!

    Ned Tate

  3. Mandy Ferry says:

    A dear friend sent me the link to your website. I bless her because your website has blessed me. Thank you for the peace it brings. I have been struggling with my resurgence of breast cancer….thought it was all over and done with. I am a “natural” person and am srongly resisting the radiation therapy that the doctor has ordered. In the tsunami of emotions and questions that are swirling around me, your beautiful site has given me a few moments of peace and serenity. THank you.–Mandy

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