Life is Choices

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iStock_000001553381Small A friend of mine asked me the other day if I’d noticed that the world seemed to be spinning out of control. She cited severe weather, turbulent war and skyrocketing gas prices. Then she added sadistic TV shows and violent crime. My friend said it all left her with a sense of powerlessness.

It reminded me that individual power can’t be taken from us. Our power is in the choices we make every moment. Life is the culmination of those choices. Looking back at our lives, it’s easy to see.  But, we tend to forget in the moment that our choices create the future.

We can’t change the severe weather. But we can send love and prayers to those who are victims of the storms. We can respect nature.

We can’t stop the war, But, since peace begins in each individual heart, we can choose to be kind toward everyone with whom we come in contact.

We can’t lower the cost of gas, but we can choose a neutral response every time we fill up the tank. Rather than feeling like we don’t have enough money, we can choose to feel abundant.

At any given moment we define ourselves and our relationship to others by the choices we make. We can choose to be loving or unloving; tolerant or intolerant; forgiving or unforgiving. And each response in each moment has a ripple effect that puts creative forces into motion.

When we choose love, we tend to create more love around us. When we choose kindness, kindness comes back to us. When we’re generous, abundance returns. Our choices create our future.

Imagine the life we could create if we deliberately chose only positive choices and reactions. Imagine what would happen if we set our egos aside and offered to become a channel for the positive attributes of Divine Intelligence -or whatever name you may use for that Creative Energy Force.  As these attributes of goodness flowed through us, they’d reflect in our lives.

Since our lives are the creative sum total of our thoughts, words and actions, we do have control by how we choose to respond. Every day is a clean slate on which we define ourselves. So, as you start each day, be consciously aware and vow to make wise choices.

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